Mouth guards are custom-made, removable dental appliances that protect your teeth from damage. There are two basic types of mouth guards that Dr. Beth C. Dunsmoor provides. First is the night guard, which is used to protect your teeth from unconscious grinding of your teeth during sleep (bruxism). The other is the athletic mouth guard, which is used to protect your teeth during sporting activities.

Night guards will be custom fit to provide a barrier between your top and bottom teeth to protect them during sleep. Clenching and grinding of your teeth during sleep can cause wearing down of teeth, fractured teeth, loosening of teeth and jaw problems. Dr. Dunsmoor can evaluate the appearance of your teeth, bite and jaw function to determine if you need a night guard and then will design one especially for you.

Athletic mouth guards will also be custom fit for your particular mouth and needs. You can sustain dental injuries from both contact and non-contact sports. They can also be designed to accommodate braces. Custom made mouth guards are more comfortable and effective than the over-the-counter boil and fit models. Our dentist can design a mouth guard to provide the best protection for children and adults whose activities bring the potential for tooth injury.

Contact our office today at (919) 303-8999 if you suspect that you are in need of a mouth guard in Cary, North Carolina, or if you participate in activities that have the potential for teeth injuries and would like to schedule a consultation.